Electronic Document Management

Streamline your workflow when you turn paper into data.

Easy-to-use business solutions that provide compliance whilst saving you time and money

Advantage EDM paves the way to a paper-less environment in which information flows seamlessly through your organisation from start to finish. With repetitive tasks automated wherever possible, and instant access to data, your staff are empowered to achieve more and provide a better service for your customers. Information is captured from your documents as they arrive into your business, indexed and integrated into your systems and workflow. Intuitive search functions make retrieval easy, while clever rules control document access and movement. All complemented by the added twin benefits of increased security and compliance.


Advantage EDM
in the legal sector

A complete document scanning, workflow and integration solution for legal practices

Many of the difficulties associated with capturing, storing, accessing and sharing legal documents become problems of the past with Advantage EDM. Enjoy more streamlined systems, improved compliance and higher levels of productivity, all of which allow you to deliver better services to your clients.

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Capita's software services Advantage ECM in the legal sector
Advantage EDM
Contracts Manager

Seamlessly store and manage multiple contracts from one secure repository.

Digital contract management can help reduce the time your staff spend handling and searching for data, while increasing your compliance, business resilience and document security.

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Capita's software services Advantage EDM Contracts Manager
Advantage EDM
Self-service Scanning

Save time and deliver better outcomes with self-service scanning.

Providing your customers with an easy, timesaving way to submit their own documents improves their service experience and can reap rewards for you in terms of time and cost savings.

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Capita's software services Advantage EDM Self-service Scanning
Advantage EDM
in the insurance sector

An intelligent content management solution tailored to the insurance sector.

Reduce the issues of storing and managing important documents, case files and supporting information with Advantage EDM Insurance.

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Capita's software services Advantage EDM in the insurance sector