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14 October 2015

AmicusHorizon and Swordfish EDM

"We're more flexible, more responsive and a lot more efficient." Robert Stewart, business systems manager, AmicusHorizon

With over 80 office locations, managing all the documentation associated with more than 28,000homes is not an easy task. That's why AmicusHorizon, a housing association, chose to use the Swordfish electronic document management solution from Capita. The system has improved efficiency and information sharing. It also ensures any member of staff can get their hands on the information they need within seconds.

As with most social housing organisations, staff often work from different locations, but still need full access to the documentation of any property they are working with, including scanned images, photos, emails and even video. In order to keep all necessary information in one place and make it easily searchable, AmicusHorizon introduced Swordfish from Capita. The solution allows incoming and outgoing documentation to be scanned and indexed to tenancy and property records, with staff able to find and open documents from their housing management information and CRM systems.

Information at your fingertips

"Initially, Capita worked with us using the bureau scanning service, to ensure historical files were digitised and available online at go-live... Using Swordfish rather than a paper-based system means we can share up-to-date documentation with those who are entitled to see it. Obviously, this creates a more efficient working environment with significant money saving benefits too, as we no longer need as much office space for all the paperwork. It also helps with our business continuity in the event of a disaster," adds Robert.

Immediate access

AmicusHorizon needs to keep on file most of its incoming and outgoing correspondence. It must also ensure it meets the increasing demand to have evidence available to demonstrate that properties are fully compliant with all regulations. Robert Stewart comments: "Having access to all our information in this way helps our customer service team answer tenant queries accurately and immediately — and that's our main aim."

More flexible, more responsive

Over the years, AmicusHorizon has accumulated about three million documents in Swordfish. Using it means less paper is stored and less staff time is wasted trying to locate important documents. Also, there's improved control and monitoring over the information AmicusHorizon needs to successfully run their business.

Robert says: "Company-wide, the system has been recognised as the best place for all documentation. With everything contained in one place, we're more flexible, more responsive and more efficient — all are of paramount importance for a business like ours."


Concluding, Robert says: "The next stage for us is to have other applications call on Swordfish to automatically index documents, rather than manually indexing them. In this way, we're looking forward to implementing even leaner processes, improving future efficiencies and providing an increasingly better service."

Download the full case study to read more about the bespoke enhancements and further benefits of Swordfish EDM at AmicusHorizon.

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