Taking control of admissions information at The British School in the Netherlands

21 November 2016

Taking control of admissions information at The British School in the Netherlands

The British School in the Netherlands wanted a quicker, slicker and more secure way of managing its admissions documents. Advantage ECM was the perfect solution.

The solution

The British School in the Netherlands has around 2,300 students, encompassing 88 different nationalities, enrolled in four different locations across The Hague.

As an international school offering a British curriculum, the student population is highly transient due to families moving in and out of the Netherlands as work commitments change.

“Although the beginning of the school year is the busiest for admissions, we tend to start with fewer students than we’ll have by the end because we also have many join during term time,”

explains Michael Kop, Senior Administrator.

To reduce paperwork and ensure the smooth handling of the admissions process, the school started to look for an electronic document management solution.

“Having investigated various options, Capita’s solution came out on top for us. We liked the range of its functionality. The fact it integrated with our SIMS management information system clinched the deal.”


The future

The goal is to replace the paper process entirely.

“Eventually, we’ll keep all new student documentation in Advantage ECM. Information will be more secure yet more accessible, with the extra benefits of back-ups and disaster recovery.

“We’ll spend less time and money printing, copying and collating paper documents, while searching for files or booking couriers to take them from location to location will be things of the past. We’ll also save physical space, not to mention reducing our environmental impact.

“Advantage ECM will ensure better access to information on new students and improve the way we work.”


Key benefits

  • Smooth handling of the student admission process and additional correspondence
  • New student information securely stored, with back-ups aiding disaster recovery
  • All documentation accessible for staff at any working location, including from home
  • Time, money and physical space saved
  • Reduces environmental impact of the school by using less paper
  • Full integration with SIMS so teachers and staff can access all documentation relevant to a student from within their record on the MIS
  • Saves staff time spent searching for documents, or sending from one location to another
  • Improves the efficiency of document management, making it easier to store and access information when needed
  • Improves data security, as well as providing
    back-ups in the event of fire or flood


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