South Worcestershire College: Improving efficiency through better curriculum planning

30 November 2015

South Worcestershire College wanted to simplify the planning of their complex curriculum. They needed a solution that would help them model the income and cost implications of a given curriculum, and help the college to balance course provision with adequate funding. UNIT-e Business Manager, from Capita is helping them achieve this.

“We discovered that UNIT-e Business Manager would improve curriculum planning by holding planning estimates, actuals and funding data in one place, and with the opportunity to deliver better plans, senior management at the college were on board from the start.”
Alan Hastings, MIS Development Manager, South Worcestershire College

Key benefits of UNIT-e Business Manager at South Worcestershire College:

  • Improved quality and speed of curriculum planning
  • Encouraged ownership of course planning by senior managers, who can see:
    • detailed funding streams, including Learner Responsive, Employer Responsive and Full Cost
    • profit versus loss
    • the ‘what if?’ effect on profitability
  • Allowed reporting of plan versus actual in terms of income, funding, student numbers, ages, etc
  • Reduced disparate islands of data outside of UNIT-e, ensuring optimum accessibility of information
  • Ability to monitor year-on-year changes, to continually improve curriculum planning accuracy.


View the full case study here


"We can show the planned learner numbers and funding, compared directly to the actual learners. This helps accurately plan our curriculum offering and forecast expenditure, which ensures we remain financially viable."
Alan Hastings, MIS Development manage, South Worcestershire College