Manchester Metropolitan University

24 November 2015


Web-based search tools, notably Google, have altered expectations around the library OPAC forever.  Forward thinking academic libraries are aligning their web presence with more general online experiences of university students.  Within the institution, the library is under increased pressure to harmonise its front-end applications and tools with the university website and systems such as the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). In response to these changes, the library of Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) has selected Prism 3 to combine simplicity and ease of use with institution-level interoperability.

The university now has in mind more deeply joined-up user scenarios across diverse campus applications.  Angela Warlow, the university library's Library Services Manager (Systems and Databases), explains, "Many projects across the institution are exploring the development of a more unified user experience.  The university is in the process of replacing its VLE with Moodle, which will be in place right across the institution by 2011, and will be using Aspire for its resource lists".


Download the full case study here