Tapping in to residents’ needs with Spelthorne’s branded app

04 May 2016

Tapping in to residents’ needs with Spelthorne’s branded app

'Every month we get 3-4,000 hits on our app, and the drop in telephone enquiries means that I have a full time vacancy I don’t need to fill.'
Linda Norman, head of customer services, Spelthorne Borough Council

As a small local authority eager to make savings, Spelthorne Borough Council wanted to reduce the volume of enquiries handled by its call centre. At the same time, it became clear that residents’ expectations were changing too. Capita’s Advantage Digital Apps solution provided the answer.

“Our residents are used to using their smartphones for booking holidays and online shopping, and they wanted to find out council information for themselves at a time that suited them, rather than having to call us," explains Linda Norman.

So Spelthorne used Capita’s Advantage Digital platform to develop and publish an app which is hosted in the cloud.

Key benefits for Spelthorne

  • A reduction in calls from 10,000 to fewer than 7,400 in 15 months
  • Incidents reported by residents via the app go straight into the CRM
  • Information is shared quickly during crisis situations, freeing call centre staff
  • Residents are more engaged with their local community
  • A saving of one FTE in the call centre

Read the full case study here


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