London Borough of Lambeth Council

31 May 2016

The background

The London Borough of Lambeth has a population of 270,000 citizens in only a 17.5 square mile area. This makes it one of the most densely populated areas of the inner London Boroughs with a thriving and cosmopolitan community comprising many diverse cultures.

The challenge

Prior to 2007, Lambeth Council and Equita exchanged data with each other via email.However, on receipt of the information each party had to manually key the data into their respective systems. Only once the information regarding cases had been keyed into the system could Equita begin to recover the debt on the Council's behalf.

The solution

To aid improvements to the accuracy of data held within Capita's Revenues and Equita's systems, Capita's Council Tax and NDR Bailiff Interface was implemented.

The results

The most prominent result delivered with the introduction of Capita's Council Tax and NDR Bailiff Interface is that Equita are now only acting upon completely up-to-date information when tackling cases.


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