Totton College

27 March 2013

Making payments easier with Capita's software solutions

In 2002, Totton College was an 'early adopter' of Capita Further and Higher Education's (FHE) UNIT-e Student Records and Tracking Solution, and since 2004 has been using the integrated Card Payments module. The functionalities delivered have allowed them to offer students the convenience of paying by credit or debit card whilst resulting in tangible benefits and efficiency savings for the College.

The background

Located just outside Southampton, Totton College has around 1,300 sixth form students and around 4,000 adult students taking a range of adult, professional and higher education courses.

The challenge

The vast majority of adults enrolling on courses need to pay for their place at the college. Increasingly, adult learners expect to pay by debit or credit card, rather than the more traditional methods of cheque or cash. This provides a 'guaranteed' and convenient form of payment to the College and allows the student to provide their card details when enrolling, either by telephone or (for some courses) via the internet.

The solution

In 2004, the Totton College website functions were extended to include the option to enrol and pay online by credit / debit card for those courses that do not require a pre-enrolment interview. Using Capita's Card Payments solution, online payments are highly secure and available to be taken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The benefits

The College processes around £750,000 of payments each year, just over half of which are made by card, with the bulk of the remainder being by cash or cheque. With the anticipated decline in cheque payments generally, the proportion paid by card is expected to grow significantly.

Next steps

With the Card Instalments option already paying dividends in the area of student transport payments and student trips, it is likely that this same option will be made available for the payment of an increasing number of the higher-priced adult education courses.

About Capita's Managed Services

Capita's highly secure and established managed service portfolio includes a range of products to process card payments via the internet, touch tone, SMS text, speech recognition and on-site Chip & PIN. Managed by a dedicated team, the solution is used by over 190 organisations who each month process around 1.6 million payments with a total value of more than £130 million.

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