How Electronic Document Management Saves Time and Money at Totton College

22 July 2016

When Totton College wanted to replace their electronic document management system (EDM), they worked with Capita to find an integrated solution that would speed up their business processes and save both time and money.

Key benefits to Totton College for implementing Capita's EDM solution:

  • Saved entire day’s worth of work during enrolment process for the admissions team, meaning all 100+ interviewers were able to begin teaching their courses earlier
  • Hundreds of hours saved photocopying and filing
  • Staff at all sites able to immediately access student information
  • Fast and robust compliance with audit requirements
  • Security maintained around confidential documents
  • Document life-cycle carefully controlled.
“We’ve saved hundreds of hours of photocopying and filing as well as eliminating a whole day from the start of year enrolment process.”
Alex Richards, director for customer service, Totton College


To find out more about Totton's experience, read the full case study.