Sutton & East Surrey Water

23 January 2016

Online payments 'on tap' at Sutton & East Surrey Water

In February 2010, Sutton & East Surrey Water introduced the option to pay water bills over the internet. Customers have been quick to adopt this payment option, resulting in both efficiency gains and cost savings to the company.

Although customers could already pay by card using either an automated speech recognition telephone system or during office hours, via a member of staff in the call centre, there was no option to pay online. It was clear however that significant numbers of customers were viewing the 'how to pay' option within the website, suggesting that they would be receptive to an online payments facility.

Capita's Internet Payments product went live in February 2010 on time and in advance of main billing and in the first three months of running, processed over 6,300 payments with a total value of more than £1.1 million.

About Capita's Managed Service

Capita's highly secure and established managed service portfolio includes a range of products to process card payments via the Internet, touch tone, SMS text, speech recognition and on-site Chip & PIN. Managed by a dedicated team, the solution is used by over 200 organisations who each month process around 1.8 million payments with a total value of almost £150 million.

The solution incorporates the latest measures to help combat card fraud including CSC (Card Security Code) validation for MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order), Touch Tone and Speech Recognition payments and card password validation (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode — collectively termed 3D Secure) for payments made via the Internet.

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