Achieving cost savings at Conwy CBC

18 January 2015

Achieving cost savings through consolidation with Capita

Conwy County Borough Council (CBC) is located in Conwy, North Wales. The council serves 110,000 residents, collects Council Tax from 53,000 households and supports 12,300 residents with benefit payments.

Identifying areas for improvement

Conwy CBC regularly investigates options to improve their bill and notification creation and delivery process. Resulting from a recent review, three cost saving and customer satisfaction improvements were identified:

  1. The removal of pre-printed documents, reducing stationery costs and customer queries through improved document clarity.
  2. The provision of cost effective alternatives to receiving bills and notifications by post for citizens and landlords.
  3. The elimination of multiple letters sent on the same day to businesses or residents reducing stationery and postal charges.

Different by design

After careful consideration, Capita’s ProPrint software solution was purchased. The new software was primarily implemented by the council’s staff, with some consulting assistance from Capita’s partner XLPrint.

The new software and processes have assisted the council’s downstream approval process as the different document stacks are passed quickly to the relevant reviewer without the need to manually separate the finished documents.

Savings for council and customers

Based on the results of using Capita’s ProPrint over the first nine months, Conwy CBC estimates achieving the following savings and benefits:

  • £10,000 per annum saving through elimination of pre-printed stationery
  • Approximately £6,000 per annum saving from consolidating corresponding Council Tax and benefit documents for delivery in the same envelope
  • Halved benefit postal costs

Meeting customer needs

The next step for the council is to offer citizens and businesses the option to receive bills and notifications via email. With this consideration, the council is now working on an email campaign to offer electronic delivery to residents, landlords and businesses. This development will represent significant additional savings over the next few years.

Conwy County Borough Council has been delighted with the flexibility of Capita’s ProPrint and the consultants’ support, and it continues to explore the software’s capabilities to further improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Key benefits at Conwy CBC:

  • Increased control over the presentation and content of the documents
  • Increased clarity of correspondence for customers
  • Eliminated storage for the various types of pre-printed council stationery
  • Eliminated printer trays dedicated to a specific stationery
  • Improved simplicity replacing printer paper at council offices – all printers now use standard plain paper
  • Eliminated cost of printing correspondence on wrong pre-printed stationery
  • Reduced council tax and benefit queries due to consolidation of benefit notifications and bills giving customers a clearer picture of charge calculations
  • Reduced costs from elimination of plastic payment cards. All bills now include payment barcodes allowing customers to pay cash at local retail outlets.


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