How to... save around 15% of part-time staff costs by linking payroll to timetable

29 February 2016

Did you know that you could make substantial efficiency savings when it comes to part-time staff, by linking your payroll system to the timetable in your management information system?

At many further education colleges, part time teaching staff find themselves duplicating their paperwork. As well as filling in a register, they are also required to fill in a claims form to be paid – and this can take place several weeks after they have concluded their teaching. The claims form then gets passed to a head of a department to check, who forwards it to the finance department.

A seemingly straightforward system, but one that can easily lead to mistakes as it is so hard to be accurate about what happened in retrospect.

With some colleges employing up to 500 part time staff at peak times, even occasional inaccuracies can quickly add up to a significant loss of income for colleges over the course of a year.

Our how-to guide explains how you can save time and money by ensuring your seasonal lecturers are accurately paid.

Read our how-to guide for some steps that can make certain your college does not pay out money it doesn’t need to. Also, see how Shipley College managed to put something similar into practise.


Read the full how to guide and Shipley College case study here