Suffolk Coastal District Council QA

02 December 2015

About Suffolk Coastal District Council

Suffolk Coastal District Council is based in Woodbridge and serves an area from Felixstowe northwards to Walberswick. It serves a population of 115,141 and the benefits department has a case load of approximately 8,700 with around 4,000 new claims each year.

The background

Like all local authorities, Suffolk Coastal District Council is required to check a minimum of 4% of their benefit assessments as part of the Department of Works and Pensions performance standards. As with many other local authorities, they wanted to exceed this target by planning to check 10% as part of their own quality assurance. However, a major problem in reaching this target was the hindrance of their manual assessment process, which proved both slow and cumbersome and resulted in the successful checking of approximately half of the 10% target.

How Capita became involved

Suffolk Coastal District Council use Capita's revenues and benefits software. In order to increase the efficiency of their assessment processes they decided to use Capita's quality assurance (QA) software. This is an optional module that is fully integrated with Capita's benefits solution and is designed specifically to assist local authorities to perform checking as efficiently as possible.

The solution

The essence of QA is that it streamlines the checking process and selects cases for checking based on a wide range of assessment types and against specific users. Overall it provides an all round, more structured approach to the assessment process.

The results

Perhaps the most significant result of the introduction of QA was that it created a shift in the culture within the benefits department at Suffolk Coastal District Council.

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