Suffolk Coastal District Council DC

29 December 2015

Go mobile with building works for council tax

As part of ongoing updates, Capita has now eliminated the time spent updating spreadsheets, officers simply update the record in the field and it's updated in the council tax system as soon as they synchronise. We have also eliminated duplicate keying of data when creating a new council tax property, these are now created from building works records in a fraction of the time it took previously.

Suffolk Coastal District Council has long been an advocate of mobile working. In 2008, they elected to enhance their mobile working capability by adopting the building works module for council tax.

 Prior to the introduction of the building works module, Suffolk Coastal DC tracked the progress of building works using a spreadsheet. This approach wasn't without problems as Jo Andrews, Revenues Manager at Suffolk Coastal DC, explains:

"The spreadsheet method was time consuming to update, difficult to keep synchronised with the main council tax system and, more importantly, next to impossible to obtain a full overview of all works in progress. It also made things more difficult for visiting officers as building works inspections weren't integrated with the ordinary council tax visits."

 Since Suffolk Coastal DC were already using the mobile solution for Capita's revenues system, upgrading to the building works application was quick and easy and enabled them to streamline the management of building works.


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