Redesigning administrative services at West Sussex County Council

15 August 2015

Re-shaping the back office to reduce costs and enhance service delivery

The challenge

West Sussex County Council wanted their administrative office services function — the platform from which many front line services are delivered - to be streamlined, resilient and more efficient across the entire council.

Our solution

As part of a 10 year strategic partnership, Capita has worked closely with West Sussex and its employees, to re-design the way administrative functions are delivered across all services.


In 2012, Capita began a 10 year strategic partnership with West Sussex County Council for the delivery of support services including finance, HR and payroll, office services, online service delivery and pension administration.

Understanding the administration requirements

Employees within the office services operation carry out hundreds of different administrative tasks and processes to support service delivery across the Council. Before recommendations could be made on re-designing the office services delivery model, it was important to understand how each of these tasks worked and their reliance on systems, locations and the Council's employees.

Redesigning processes

Following this analysis, Capita introduced a new service delivery model that consisted of three core office service functions

Relocating services

A significant number of office services functions were common processes. This meant a large volume of processes could be consolidated within the office resource hub in Chichester. As a result, approximately 40% of employees within office services were relocated from multiple Council offices to the centralised administration function.

Training and career development

Capita has a strong focus of empowering its people, ensuring they have the right skills to deliver services effectively and provide development opportunities to help them prosper.

The results

  • Cost savings worth over £2m across the service area through re-designing the process and skill requirements
  • Greater resilience across the service area through the provision of consolidated teams of multi-skilled resources

Looking to the future

The culture for developing on-going service improvements and efficiencies to help West Sussex achieve their objectives is prominent throughout the partnership. Capita and West Sussex are continually working together to further transform the delivery of office services across the Council.


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