Empty homes review at Plymouth

25 August 2014

The challenge

Against a backdrop of austerity and with pressure mounting on the supply of local housing, Plymouth City Council wanted an accurate and quick way to take stock of their empty homes without placing additional pressure on their existing resources. The aim was to maximise the number of properties that qualified to recieve the new homes bonus - a grant funded by central government for for bringing unoccupied homes back in house and providing Plymouth with secured revenue over the next six years.

Our solution

Using specialist customer credit data, Capita carried out a fully-managed review of all properties across Plymouth that were recorded as being empty. The financial data of 865 empty properties was reviewed and following the verification process, over 7% of homes were found to be occupied. In just four weeks, the review has enabled Plymouth to identify over £400,000 worth of revenue through the new homes bonus over the next six years.

‘‘Capita’s empty homes service allowed us to identify sixty seven properties across Plymouth which were no longer vacant. The initial data analysis provided a good deal of evidence of occupation but Capita’s field verification checks gave us the information that we needed to confidently include these properties in our new homes bonus claim. As a result, over the next six years, Plymouth City Council will be awarded in excess of £400,000 in additional new homes bonus grant from DCLG.’’
Malcom Coe, assistant director for finance, efficiencies, technology & assets, Plymouth City Council


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